70.214 (1893) Tawny-barred Angle Macaria liturata (Clerck, 1759)

Resident. Common.
Flight period

Lennon (1863) stated that it was not common, but that it had occurred at Dalskairth (VC73). Gordon (1919) had only a single specimen to record which he had took while it was at rest on a spruce fir branch on his front drive at Corsemalzie (VC74) on 16th June 1911.
Cunningham (1950) notes a Sir Arthur Duncan record in the 'Transactions' where one was caught at Tynron on 16th June 1945 which was the first for Dumfriesshire. Sir Arthur Duncan (1909-84) during his lifetime had also found it at Closeburn and Castlehill, Dumfries (all VC72) after 1950.
There were four records in the early 1970s, one each from Glentrool, Silver Flowe, Newton Stewart (VC73) and Ecclefechan (VC72) but when the Rothamsted stations were set up from 1975 until 1992 many specimens were caught at five of the six stations, with Caerlaverock not catching any. The last record for Wigtownshire was in 1977.
Small numbers are the norm in the portable traps since the 1990s, but 13 were caught in one night on Bennan Hill (VC73).

Melanic form nigrofulvata Collins
First was found in late June 1988 by Pelham-Clinton at Corsemalzie (VC74). A further two records occurred at Courance (VC72), one in late May 2012 and the other in mid-July 2013. One was trapped during the Scottish Entomologists' Gathering at Caerlaverock WWT in late June 2014.
Life cycle
One generation. Overwinters as a pupa just below the ground or among fallen conifer needles. Larvae are present late June to August.
Larval foodplants
Scots Pine and Norway Spruce.
The orange-brown outer cross-band on both the forewing and underwing, a slight concavity in the costa with a pointed hindwing is diagnostic.
Widespread where ever there are conifer plantations.
© Keith Naylor, Colvend, 27 June 2010
© Brian Henderson, Courance, 18 July 2013, f. nigrofulvata

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