70.253 (1932) Spring Usher Agriopis leucophaearia ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)

Resident. Scarce.
Flight period

Lennon (1862-63) stated it as common. Gordon (1919) states that several were bred on from larvae taken by J. Garraway near the Cock Inn, Luce Bay, in June 1902.
Archibald Russell (1944) listed it as occurring near Gatehouse of Fleet (VC73) during the years 1942-43. Sir Arthur Duncan (1909-84) during his lifetime had found it at Tynron and Castlehill, Dumfries (all VC72).
At Irvine House Lodge, Auchenrivock, it was trapped three times in early 1974, while from 1975 to 1982 there were eighteen records from three of the Rothamsted stations, Waterside Mains at Keir (VC72), Gatehouse of Fleet (VC73) and Penninghame (VC74). It was also trapped on the Ken-Dee Marshes in 1982.
The 1990s found it at the Wood of Cree RSPB, Lochinvar Hotel, Dalry, in 1996, by the Scottish entomologists' who were down for the annual gathering, Knocknalling (VC73) and Kirkton four times in 1998.
It was trapped on three occasions in Cally Woods in 2000, and once on Almorness, early February 2009.
Life cycle
One generation. Overwinters as a pupa underground. Larvae are present from early April to mid June.
Larval foodplants
Pedunculate Oak and Sessile Oak.
The male is of a smaller size than other closely-related species, with triangular forewing that has a slightly concave costa and a wavy outer cross-line to separate it. Female is flightless.
Mature, especially ancient, oak woods. May also be found in other habitats where mature oaks are present.
Recorders' notes
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Male © Brian Henderson, Courance, 14 February 2012

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