Photo Voucher Archive

posted 19 Sept 2011, 06:33 by Keith Naylor   [ updated 19 Sept 2011, 06:53 ]
Dumfries & Galloway (VCs72-74) have now registered their digital photo archive with the East of Scotland Butterfly Conservation web site at and by clicking on Moth records and Voucher Archive on the left you will see the photos under VC072, VC073, VC074.
This has been set up for everlasting proof that species occur here and will be helpful for succeeding CMRs. This site is purely for Scottish entomolgy and also assists the keeping of the Scottish Macro and Micro Lists, currently attended to by Roy Leverton and Mark Young respectively.
If you have a worthwhile photo to add, send it to the CMR, preferably renamed in the convention requested by the site, otherwise the CMR has to do it, as for example: 1987 Bedstraw_Hawk-moth Kelhead_Quarry 73 06Aug2010 KNaylor
If sending photos to be identified it is still important to state the site and date of the record so that they can have their full details added to the photo if necessary.
When sending in moth records for inclusion in the database it would also help to see Photo in the Comment field.