Mains of Cairnbrock Field Meeting 25-26 July 2014

posted 4 Aug 2014, 01:37 by Keith Naylor
The Grey Daggers local moth group carried out intensive trapping at this site in the North Rhins (NW96) to improve the count of macro moths for the forthcoming atlas. Two Skinners and a Heath trap were set in a valley of fen and willow with an adjacent small copse, also, a Robinson and four Heath traps were set in the coastal scrub.
A new micro moth for Wigtownshire (VC74) was trapped, Eudonia pallida, one of the grass moths. Also in good numbers was Pyrausta despicata. Macro moth highlights included three Chevron, six Barred Rivulet, a Treble Bar, nine Annulet, four Haworth's Minor, two Pod Lover, Dark Spectacle and a couple of Buff Footman.
Just over 1600 moths were trapped, recording taking from 09:30 to 17:00 hours with a couple of small breaks in between, but it proved successful with fifty new macros being added for the 10km square.