Grey Daggers at Corserigg Hill

posted 7 Sept 2010, 00:54 by Mark Pollitt - SWSEIC   [ updated 7 Sept 2010, 01:33 ]

Corserigg Hill location map

Due to a technical fault the Robinson trap failed on Friday night, 3rd September 2010, so trapping was done again on Saturday night. Corserigg Hill is a moorland site with heather and grassland with sparse trees/bushes which is where the traps were set for shelter. Below was the river valley of Kello Water with Oak, Willow and Sallow.

Red Carpet ©Keith Naylor
Grey Chi ©Keith Naylor

Highlights of the two day session were Northern Rustic, Small Autumnal Moth, Grey Chi, Barred Chestnut, Red Carpet, Treble-bar, Striped Twin-spot Carpet, Dark Sword-grass, Anomalous, Haworth's Minor and Minor Shoulder-knot. More commoner species included Autumnal Rustic, True Lover's Knot, Antler, Small Wainscot (both red and buff forms), Lesser Yellow Underwing, Heath Rustic and ear species.

Agonopterix arenella ©Keith Naylor

Micros were represented by small numbers of Agriphila tristella (Pyralid), the pretty Agonopterix arenella (Oecophridae) and a fair number of the moorland loving Acleris aspersana, a small tortix. An enormous amount of gratitude to Richard and Barbara for setting the six traps over such difficult terrain.