Dormont Lake Field Meeting 4th July 2014

posted 4 Jul 2014, 23:57 by Keith Naylor   [ updated 4 Aug 2014, 01:38 ]
The local moth group the 'Grey Daggers' held a field meeting at Dormont Lake (NY109754) just north of Dalton in Dumfriesshire on 4th July 2014. One Robinson MV trap, two Skinner MVs and six Heath traps were set up the previous night around the lake and adjacent area. The night was blustery and with rain predicted through the night and all day on the 4th we weren't sure if our effort would be rewarded. To our surprise the catch was extremely good with just over 80 species including about twenty micros, some of which are still to be decided. Pride of place must surely go to Southern Wainscot with one being caught by the fen. This is a good 10 km North of the coast and our first inland record. Apart from the usual suspects there were three Buff Footman, three Slender Brindle, a few of the lovely Peach Blossom, Large Emerald, Marsh Oblique-barred, Miller, Dot Moth, a female Ghost Moth, Swallow-tailed Moth and a couple of Grey Dagger. Micros included a female Bee Moth and a number of Clepsis spectrana as well as more commoner ones. The 10 km square of NY17 can now boast 120 macros.