2013 Review

posted 14 Jan 2014, 10:56 by Keith Naylor   [ updated 15 Jan 2014, 00:28 ]
Highlight of the year was the finding of six Devon Carpets at Glassoch Farm, Wigtownshire, a new species for Scotland, and a further five records of Dingy Footman adding to the one in 2011, also, the only records for Scotland. The latter is probably being overlooked or confused with the Buff Footman, but the curved costa on the Dingy Footman should alert observers.

Regards micro-moths there were five new ones to Dumfries & Galloway: - 0115 Stigmella alnetella, 0602 Elachista apicipunctella, 0631 Elachista freyerella, 0981 Archips rosana and 1099 Endothenia marginana. Including those five, they amounted to 28 micros being new for our vice counties.

Now is the time to forward those moth records which have to be verified by the County Moth Recorder and the macro portion forwarded to NMRS so that Butterfly Conservation can add them to the national database ready for the annual update of the NBN web site for mapping purposes by the end of March. The micro moth records are sent to various recording schemes with the new vice-county records being published in the 'Entomologists' Record.'

A second edition of our 'Checklist' is under way and should be available this March as a pdf file or as a ring-bound hard copy for a nominal fee of a few pounds.

Finally, the 2014 'Grey Daggers' moth group draft programme is available under Resources.